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Religious Services 
August 2022 

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Saturday Live Services

 Saturday Morning Shacharit 8am. Video 9:30am (ET)

Torah/Musaf Service 1:30pm. Video after 3:00pm (ET)

Short Havdalah - 7:00pm. Pre-recorded Video 

Cantor Eric Lindenbaum

Friday Short Shabbat Live 4:30pm (ET) video after 5:30pm

2nd and 4th Fridays TOT Shabbats 6:00pm

Traditional Shabbat Services - 7:45pm (ET)

PASSCODE (if needed) IS 2022

Worship Services

Friday Early Evening Short Shabbat 4:30pm ET live (video  5:30pm)

Friday Night Late Traditional Shabbat 7:45pm ET live

Saturday Morning Shacharit 8:00am ET live (video 9:30am)

Saturday Afternoon Torah /Musaf Service 1:30pm ET live (video 3:00pm)

Saturday Evening Havdalah Short Service 7:00pm ET live

(pre-reorded Havdalah video - watch anytime that works for you!)

 TOT Shabbat 2nd and 4th week of the month

6:00pm ET live (video 6:45pm) 

5/06/2022 Early Shabbat Service

5/07/2022 Shacharit Morning Service

5/13/2022 Early Shabbat Service

5/13/2022 Late Trad Shabbat Service

5/14/2022 Torah /Musaf Service

5/20/2022 Early Short Shabbat Service

5/21/2022 Shacharit Morning Service

5/14/2022 Recorded Havdalah Service

5/27/2022 TOT Shabbat Service

5/28/2022 Shacharit Morning Service

6/03/2022 Early Short Shabbat Service

6/04/2022 Shacharit Morning Service

5/28/2022 Recorded Havdalah Service

5/06/2022 Late Trad Shabbat Service

5/07/2022 Torah /Musaf Service

5/13/2022 TOT Shabbat Service

5/14/2022 Shacharit Morning Service

5/07/2022 Recorded Havdalah Service

5/20/2022 Late Trad Shabbat Service

5/21/2022 Torah /Musaf Service

05/27/2022 Early Short Shabbat Service

5/27/2022 Late Trad Shabbat Service

5/28/2022 Torah /Musaf Service

6/03/2022 Late Trad Shabbat Service

6/04/2022 Torah /Musaf Service

6/05/2022 Shavout Service

6/6/2022 Shacharit /Shavuot 2 Morning Service

4/09/2022 Recorded Havdalah Service

6/10/2022 TOT Shabbat Service

6/11/2022 Shacharit Morning Service

6/04/2022 Recorded Havdalah Service

6/17/2022 Late Trad Shabbat Service

6/18/2022 Torah /Musaf Service

6/24/2022 Early Short Shabbat Service

6/24/2022 Late Trad Shabbat Service

06/25/2022 Torah /Musaf Service

7/01/2022 Early Short Shabbat Service

7/02/2022 Shacharit Morning Service

6/25/2022 Recorded Havdalah Service

7/08/2022 TOT Shabbat Service

7/09/2022 Shacharit Morning Service

7/02/2022 Recorded Havdalah Service

7/15/2022 Late Trad Shabbat Service

07/16/2022 Torah /Musaf Service

7/22/2022 Early Short Shabbat Service

7/22/2022 Late Trad Shabbat Service

07/23/2022 Torah /Musaf Service

7/29/2022 Early Short Shabbat Service

7/30/2022 Shacharit Morning Service

7/23/2022 Recorded Havdalah Service

8/5/2022 Late Trad Shabbat Service

08/06/2022 Torah /Musaf Service

8/12/2022 Early Short Shabbat Service

8/12/2022 Late Trad Shabbat Service

08/13/2022 Torah /Musaf Service

8/19/2022 Early Short Shabbat Service

8/20/2022 Shacharit Morning Service

8/13/2022 Recorded Havdalah Service

8/26/2022 TOT Shabbat Service

8/27/2022 Shacharit Morning Service

8/13/2022 Recorded Havdalah Service

9/02/2022 Late Trad Shabbat Service

09/03/2022 Torah /Musaf Service

6/6/2022 Torah /Musaf Shavuot Service

6/10/2022 Early Short Shabbat Service

6/10/2022 Late Trad Shabbat Service

6/12/2022 Torah Musaf Service

6/17/2022 Early Short Shabbat Service

6/18/2022 Shacharit Morning Service

6/11/2022 Recorded Havdalah Service

6/24/2022 TOT Shabbat Service

6/25/2022 Shacharit Morning Service

6/18/2022 Recorded Havdalah Service

7/01/2022 Late Trad Shabbat Service

07/2/2022 Torah /Musaf Service

7/08/2022 Early Short Shabbat Service

7/08/2022 Late Trad Shabbat Service

07/9/2022 Torah /Musaf Service

7/15/2022 Early Short Shabbat Service

7/16/2022 Shacharit Morning Service

7/09/2022 Recorded Havdalah Service

7/22/2022 TOT Shabbat Service

7/23/2022 Shacharit Morning Service

7/16/2022 Recorded Havdalah Service

7/29/2022 Late Trad Shabbat Service

07/23/2022 Torah /Musaf Service

8/5/2022 Early Short Shabbat Service

8/6/2022 Shacharit Morning Service

7/30/2022 Recorded Havdalah Service

8/12/2022 TOT Shabbat Service

8/13/2022 Shacharit Morning Service

8/13/2022 Recorded Havdalah Service

8/19/2022 Late Trad Shabbat Service

08/20/2022 Torah /Musaf Service

8/26/2022 Early Short Shabbat Service

8/26/2022 Late Trad Shabbat Service

08/27/2022 Torah /Musaf Service

9/02/2022 Early Short Shabbat Service

9/03/2022 Shacharit Morning Service

8/13/2022 Recorded Havdalah Service

Getting into and working with services. 

Services are usually live at the times listed and are recorded. They are posted approximately 30-45 minutes after the live service is concluded. The password for live services is 2020.

When using zoom, if you have your video off, no one will see you on the recording. 

You will be muted during the service  on zoom and asked to unmute if you are asked to participate,

You can change the size of the shared screen at the top of the page in zoom and make the  view larger and easier to read if needed.

Visit our archives for 2021 and 2020 services.

Press the box to play. Press again to stop.

When watching videos, you can click anywhere on the box to start or pause. You can easily watch full screen on your computer or most phones by clicking on the icon on the bottom right. You can end full screen by pressing escape or tapping your phone screen.

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