Our mission is to encourage multi-generational Jewish worship, education and experience via an accessible, inclusive, online setting.


At we love to be able to provide prayer services to all who wish. It is through your help and donations that this is possible. We will have several monthly Services at no cost, and additional programming in also available to members. Please email us with questions, or programs you are interested in and we will add you to our mailing list, (if you wish) and keep you up to date.  We are accepting content and speaking with many that wish to participate. Please feel free to reach out. Thanks for your support and for telling your family and friends about us.

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Prayer Services

Thank you for joining us. Click below for links and video to worship with us.

You can always go directly to our "Religious Services" page. Services are archived.

Jewish Traditional Objects 

AT A GLANCE is a multi-generational online Synagogue and Jewish Learning Center. Our mission is to encourage multi-generational Jewish worship, education, and experience via an accessible, inclusive, online setting.



During the unprecedented days of the COVID-19 pandemic, we learned of the true importance of prayer, community, and tradition. These values were tested as we sheltered at home and isolated ourselves. We realized that there was a need to embrace and replace. We needed to embrace the fact that we had no control over our current situation, and that we needed to replace what was no longer going to work for us with what was. We started seeing parents and adult children logging into streaming services online and celebrating the Sabbath together for the first time in years. We started seeing children attending classes online from home with great success. We started to see the benefits of being able to provide Judaism, in multiple forms, to families - that for whatever reasons – were distanced. That is why we ultimately decided to launch

Prayer Services

Friday Evening and Saturday 
Family Services

Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur





Sale of Hameitz Form
We are pleased to share that our colleague Mordy Schwartz will be acting as an agent to sell all hameitz for those in North America. For those east of the US Eastern time zone, you should make arrangements to sell your hameitz with someone local. 
The deadline to sell hameitz via this form Thursday, April 14th at 12 PM ET. We will not be able to accommodate any requests that come in after the deadline. 

High Holiday Project Isaiah

As COVID-19 threatens our community’s access to food and leaves Americans without jobs, more and more people become food insufficient.    Project Isaiah works to keep hundreds of food service workers employed while delivering meals to those in need.


Project Isaiah is the Jewish community's annual High Holidays food drive benefiting Community Food Banks. 

The project is named for the Prophet Isaiah, who when asked why we fast on Yom Kippur, responded, "Is it not to share your bread with the hungry?" (Isaiah 5:8).


We are asking for you to participate in a virtual food drive by donating to the food bank of your choice on behalf of Shalom At Home.


Todah Rabah

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Reinforcing our Commitment


Beginner to Advanced


And other Advanced Religious Studies

Reading Torah
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The Jewish tradition of learning - is learning. Adam chose Knowledge instead of immortality.


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